Media Buzz: One Dream

Neil Stratton,, August 26, 2002:
“Falgoux offers interesting insights on the behind-the-scenes workings of an NFL team, how decisions are made, what options players on the fringes of the NFL experience have, and what they go through in hopes of making their ‘One Dream’ a reality.”

William Curran, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, December 12, 2001:
“The one thing that the undrafted rookies shared was an almost manic desire to play in the NFL…A good reporter, Falgoux writes in an informal, attractive style about the persistence and passion of these players.”

Les Carpenter, Seattle Times, December 2, 2001:
“How many people do you know who throw their lives at the longest shot at a job?  Falgoux spent a sweltering summer with 10 of them – all undrafted free agents trying to make last year’s New Orleans Saints.  He turned the experience into a book: One Dream, the NFL.  And if you ever wanted to understand the very essence of professional football, to understand what drives the men who nearly shatter their bodies for this game, it is a book you should read.”

Mark Heitman, The Daily Iberian, November 4, 2001:
“Falgoux’s book covers the odyssey of 10 undrafted NFL rookies…He writes wittily about their dreams…And he does it with unflinching insight that makes you pull for them, sweat with them, cry with them, agonize with them…He has kept them relatable, providing his readers with a hold on reality on their journey through what is truly a surrealistic world — an NFL training camp…One Dream: The NFL is great and highly recommended, even if you’re not a football nut.  You don’t even need a dream to enjoy it.  But it might make you start thinking of one.”

Michael Ferch, Staff Review, October 2001:
“Falgoux has a gift for storytelling, and the book unfolds with style and grace…One Dream offers a memorable look at a pro team’s camp and the perspiration and aspirations of 10 young players trying to make the choices easier. Strongly recommended.”

Shannon O’Toole, , October 2001:
“After reading One Dream: The NFL, fans can’t help but be concerned about these players…their stories are hopeful, hearbreaking, and filled with determination…The brutal, business-like, often cutthroat side of professional football is also exposed.  Falgoux does not spare the reader of any ugly details.”

Tom Orsborn, San Antonio Express-News, October 13, 2001:
Book talk: Two excellent books about the NFL hit stores recently.  “I Remember Tom Landry” is a must for any fan of the late legendary Cowboys coach.  Equally compelling is Woody Falgoux’s “One Dream: The NFL,” the story of 10 undrafted rookies’ attempt to make the 2000 New Orleans Saints.

Marty Mulé, The Times-Picayune, September 2, 2001:
“This is an original — and gritty — project.  Despite the backdrop, it’s not really a sports story, or a Saints story.  It’s a story of the human spirit.  Its message is to remind us of the dreams idealistic young men can dream, and what a brutal business professional sports really is.”

Adam Wilcox, City Newspaper, Rochester, August 29, 2001:
“A friend of mines says, ‘Football is just a macho metaphor for war and land acquisition.’  I reply no, it’s THE metaphor. NFL players are our gladiators, the Sunday games our Coliseum.  Thinking of One Dream: The NFL in that light…Maximus and John Elway are fake and boring, mythologized creations of the scribes.  It’s the guys who get run over by the chariots who have the compelling stories.  In this book, Woody Falgoux tells their stories well.”

Michael Kim, ESPN:
“Masterful storytelling…  Woody Falgoux casually draws the reader into the lives of these ten RUDY-like players and before you know it, the reader becomes the ’11th man’ in training camp, sharing a similar dream and suffering a similar fate.”

Rich Lenz, WDSU-TV, August 15, 2001:
“While (Falgoux’s) first book isn’t a novel, it is a thriller…  And if your first thought is, ‘Who cares about a bunch of NFL wannabe dreamers?’ Well, Woody Falgoux did.  And he’s a good enough writer to make you care, too.”

Jim Beseda, The Oregonian:
“If Americans love an underdog, then readers will gobble up Woody Falgoux’s first book, chronicling the day-to-day exploits of 10 undrafted rookies as they go through training camp with the New Orleans Saints and compete for jobs that for all intents and purposes belong to somebody else.  One Dream: The NFL is more than a behind-the-scenes look at the pro game.  Falgoux digs beneath the trenches and reveals intimate details that will have NFL insiders nodding knowingly.  He might even raise a few eyebrows.”

George Morris, The Advocate, August 19, 2001:
“Falgoux writes well.  His use of phrases (‘practice hops like grease in a skillet’) is vivid, and he lets the reader see the compelling, human side of these gladiators.”

Mike Detillier, NFL Analyst and author of the M&D Draft Report:
“The storyline reads like a well-written novel, and for non-football fans, it has the element of suspense on what will happen to the players up until the end.  Woody Falgoux does an extremely good job of humanizing what at times is a very dehumanizing sport.”

Mary Foster, Associated Press, August 10, 2001:
“…a good book about a group of guys that seasoned reporters frequently ignore.”

Steve Wiseman, TheSunHerald, July 27, 2001:
“Woody Falgoux chose a different path to tell a different kind of story…  We learn just how much politics, not necessarily performance, can sway a coach’s decision on who makes the team and who doesn’t.”

Dave Lagarde, The Times-Picayune:
One Dream: The NFL is a quick, easy and wonderful read.  It brings you behind the scenes in training camp like no other book I’ve read.  It also provides a great deal of insight into the daily travails of the inexperienced, wide-eyed rookie who is battling uphill to make a place for himself in the NFL.  Finally, it’s a must for Saints fans because of the glimpse it offers at the earliest days of the Mueller-Haslett era.”

Ken Friedlander, KLRZ-FM, August 4, 2001:
“This is not just a football book.  It reminds me of a mystery without all the cloak and dagger.”

Tom Hoffarth, Los Angeles Daily News:
“It’s incredible how these undrafted players still believe they can make the roster of an NFL team if given the slightest chance.  It’s a brutal process that Woody Falgoux humanizes beyond the meat-market mentality we read each day in the newspapers.”

Adam Wilcox, City Newspaper, Rochester, August 29, 2001:
“Woody Falgoux’s family has been in Louisiana for two centuries, and the spices in this gumbo of a book are the bits of Bayou culture, food, and language he throws in.  His ear is excellent, and the local dialog he presents is priceless (he also does a fine job preserving the varied regional speech of his protagonists).  There is a particularly funny sequence about sizing up a ‘Cajun Café Grill’ in the Mall of America in Minneapolis.”